Health and Fitness Software, What Should Be In It? Part 2

A good health and fitness program needs to focus on factors that prevent us from becoming unhealthy. One factor that has definitely a correlation with unhealthiness is obesity. The health consequences for being overweight or obese are vast and may include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea and some cancers to name a few.Losing weight and becoming healthy for obese and overweight people is imperative and well designed fitness software can support this. One way it can be helpful is to calculate a person’s calorie balance and correlate these numbers to their body measurements and vital signs. It is very encouraging and motivating to see yourself lose weight and in the same instance your blood pressure and cholesterol levels go down.Weight loss all boils down to your calorie balance. If your intake is higher then you spend, you gain weight. In part 1, we talked about the calorie intake side of the calorie balance equation. Part 2 describes the requirements for the calories spent module.Let’s start out with the assumption that the calories spent will significantly vary between people and can not be generalized between high, medium and low activity level. We need a more precise method than that. If we look just plainly at the factors that influence our energy spending, we can conclude the following:Larger people will spend more energy than small people. It makes sense that when you move more weight it costs more energy. Younger people will spend more than older people. Males will spend more than females. Tall thin people will spend more energy than short stocky with the same weight. The tall thin person has more body surface and loses more heat. Lean muscled people spend more energy than the average or overweight person with the same weight. Muscles use more energy than fat cells. Active people will spend more energy than sedative people.During a day we execute many activities all with a different length of time and intensity level. Between activities there can be huge differences in intensity level. For instance fishing is way less intense than rowing a boat. Also within the same activity different intensity levels exist. For instance 30 minutes running will cost more energy then 30 minutes jogging or walking. Executing an activity with a high intensity level will spend more energy per unit of time.When calculating the calorie balance, the fitness software should take all the above factors into its formula and adjust the variables automatically. For instance if somebody loses weight, this should be immediately reflected in the outcome. Let’s say I weigh in on Monday and the system calculates 2500 calories spent and two weeks later I weigh again and provided my daily activities were exactly the same but I lost two pounds, the system should automatically calculate the new calories burned taking the 2 pounds lost into account.You should have the ability to create multiple activity plans in the system, individualized per person. Most people repeat their daily activities on a weekly basis, if today is Tuesday, next Tuesday my activities will be pretty much the same. From Monday till Friday the activities may be similar, but they can differ significantly from weekend to weekend.In order to calculate the calories spent during the day precisely, you will need to record all activities, the length of time for each activity and the intensity level it was executed. Doing so could mean a lot of time behind the computer entering all this data. To circumvent this problem, the software should allow you to create a plan that is repeated on a weekly basis with default values. Now you need to only to copy this plan and update the differences from what actually occurred. The actual activities with their time length are noted on an activity worksheet that can be printed on a daily basis. This way your data can be recorded within 30 seconds.Next we need to be able to compare our calories spent with our calorie intake. This can be done in the form of a chart that displays the calorie balance per person over time. See the following example: calorie analysis. This chart makes abundantly clear what your calorie balance is and consequently shows the reason why you lose weight or not lose weight.In the next article I will talk about body measurement and vital sign readings and how they correlate to your work outs, supplement intake etcetera.

Physical Health and Fitness

What is Physical Health and fitness? Before you know how to attain this you have to first determine what it means to you. It’s my opinion physical wellbeing is possessing sufficient energy to live your life free without needing to stress about being unwell, sore or simply feeling too sluggish to do anything. Be assured that even skinny or regular sized folks can be very unhealthy. A great metabolism doesn’t make you a healthy person.Motivation. This might be the most difficult thing to overcome with regards to becoming or remaining healthy. Men and women are frequently over weight or lethargic because they just can’t get motivated to get out there and do the exercising they are aware they should. So how do you get motivated?There are a few simple ways to get motivated to workout. First of all you can workout with a good friend, spouse or even your kids. This approach is very effective as even on days when you don’t feel like exercising they are able to provide you with that tiny push you need to just do it anyhow. And there will be days like that, believe me.Secondly you could attempt some simple subconscious triggers to help you get motivated and remain motivated. Looking at oneself in the mirror every day to remind oneself the reason why you’re exercising can be effective. Just take a look at your self and picture what your body may be like when you’ve reached your physical health and fitness goal. And while you’re standing in front of the mirror speak to yourself. Say “I will go for that walk tomorrow.” 10 times to yourself. Even when you don’t believe it. It is an established method of motivation, utilized by some of the worlds most successful businessmen and women.
Exercise to improve your physical health.Exercising is the key. Cardiovascular exercise is easily the most effective way to stay in good shape. Walking for 15-30 minutes each day is a good method to raise the overall levels of energy each day. So if you’re only starting out take a stroll around your block, if that is too far walk to the corner and back again once or twice. Should you get bored quickly you could just walk for 15 minutes in a direction then change and walk back home. By doing this you can explore new streets and keep the walk interesting. Or if you go shopping a lot walk down every department even if you don’t need something there.Some other great exercises for general physical health and fitness include cycling, running, swimming, martial arts, dancing (zumba). Sports like Squash or Badminton are good also. These will provide you with a quick paced hour or two per week of intense workout, that with time will build up your endurance and core level of fitness.
Physical Health and the food you eat.And lastly diet is important. The less ‘bad’ food you consume the simpler it’s going to be to maintain a good physical health standard. Try changing out your white bread for wholemeal. Change your eating habits. Eat only until you’re full and place the rest inside the refrigerator for a snack. Try eating five times a day, this has been proven to trigger your metabolism and help with the digestion of food. You might also try including more fruits and vegetables in your diet.As usual a good diet and regular exercise is the key to good health. Life is waiting for you to live it and good physical health and fitness will make sure you can for years to come.